About Us



Movers Trading and Maritime Transportation  is a pinnacle deliver-proudly owning and control group with a diversified fleet of vessels (bulk carriers, special cargo vessels, and oil/chemical and product tankers). Our organization was established in year 2019 to go into worldwide preferred cargo shipping. Our middle enterprise initiatives are cargo delivery and ship management. The existing controlled fleet consists of various sizes of Bulk providers; in addition to we have been running our very own vessels with among Arabian Gulf and carrying Gabbro combination cargoes in bulk as a deliver-owner.

Movers T&MT Co. keeps industrial relationships with many essential cargo shippers and agents inside the Arabian Gulf area. These relationships assure that our commercially managed vessels would usually achieve useful employment. 

MOVERS owns and operates its own quarry as well as an extensive range of mobile crushing and screening plants. Our core clients are Al Fowriya, Carmel Group and MEDGULF.

MOVERS has a diversified fleet of transportation (trailers and low beds) to carry out and deliver our material within a reasonable timeframe.

MOVERS is a fundamental subsidiary, a privately-owned global enterprise institution that controls many subsidiaries lively in specific nations across six continents.



Our vision is to be the global top-notch chief in the shipping industry. To do that, we need to examine the very uppermost requirements for products and service and endeavour on behalf of excellence in both. We ceaselessly make every effort to undertake our enterprise actions thru extraordinarily thumbs down accidents aiming zero accident and zero pollution. That will provide nix impairment to population, and nix impairment in the direction of the surroundings.



  • To provide a great assured ship control to ship owners by sustaining full client satisfaction.
  • To function ships in complete compliance with all diagnosed international, I.M.O. and applicable countrywide guidelines.
  • To perform ships, maintaining the safety of the crew, vessel, its shipment and safety of the surroundings because of the top priorities.
  • To function ships in compliance with class and flag policies, and follow diagnosed industry standards (best practices) as appropriate.
  • To be equipped at all times for emergencies and to set up safeguards against all identified risks.
  • To be recognized as an exceedingly responsible ship control corporation, aiming to remain at the forefront of all components of era concerned with ship management, and constantly attempt to enhance safety, fitness, Environmental and fine management abilities of personnel ashore and aboard ships.
  • To endeavour to constantly improve customer service. Imparting the very best stage of ship management provider;  Movers emphasises safety, pollutants prevention and shipboard preservation at aggressive, fee-effective costs.

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