Movers operates all vessels to the same standard, irrespective of whether they are company-owned, or third-party owned. Our philosophy is to operate in the safest and most efficient manner possible whilst complying with:

  • Owners’ requirements
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Flag and Class requirements
  • Charterers’ requirements our solid relationships with first-class suppliers, workshops and marine service providers ensure reliable and high-quality service at the lowest possible price.

Movers is committed to providing the highest standards of ship management practice. Expert staff utilizes efficient operating systems based on the latest technologies for both shore and ship-based operations.

Functions of Technical Management include:

  • Technical Supervision
  • Vessel Inspection Reports
  • Vessel Performance Monitoring
  • Dry-dock Repairs
  • Budgetary & Financial Control
  • Planned Maintenance Systems
  • Supplying Technical Advice to Owners
  • Fuel Oil Testing & Lube Oil Sampling
  • Purchasing & Inventory control
  • Insurance Placement & Claims Handling

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